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Tokeiren Business Center

Yoshihiro Mukoda

Five years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for all the support we have received domestically and internationally.

For the past five years, Tokeiren Business Center has yielded about 1.5 billion yen in sales support. It was achieved through a portal website of the online shops that deal with the Tohoku region’s products, called “Reconstruction Support Link—Let’s Buy from Tohoku,” and support for participation in trade shows across Japan, among other support projects.

We are determined not to let the momentum of reconstruction fade away and to continue our support of companies that are overcoming the disaster and meeting the challenge of starting a new project.

Although our society is rapidly developing into one with super-aging and depopulation characteristics, there is a huge opportunity in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. It is a great chance for Tohoku to disseminate to the world how it is reconstructing. The foundation for steadily progressing the reconstruction of Tohoku is strengthening sales and promotions of products and service offered by companies in Tohoku. For that reason, it would be greatly appreciated if you accessed our “Reconstruction Support Link—Let’s Buy from Tohoku” and support the companies that are overcoming the disaster.