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Fumio Ube

Tokeiren Business Center
Yoshihiro Mukoda

Five years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. The central government’s Intensive Reconstruction Period has now ended, giving way to the Reconstruction Regeneration Period.

For the past five years, Tokeiren Business Center has conducted support activities with the reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake as the paramount challenge. Particularly remarkable was our “Kaou Tohoku (Let’s Buy from Tohoku)” project, which yielded about 1.5 billion yen of sales as the support for affected companies.

No less significant were a variety of other support achievements, such as expansion to the overseas market, building a new brand, and launching a joint development project with a car maker. Our network of more than a hundred specialists was the key driving force for those achievements.

Originally, the activity of Tokeiren Business Center had been scheduled to end on March 2016. However, we received numerous requests from SMEs of Tohoku to continue it.

Responding to such requests, we have decided to extend our activity to another five years. This is thanks to the large amount of donations from companies that have establishments in Tohoku, and have supported our mission of strengthening industrial competitiveness of Tohoku, under the slogan of “Innovation for Growth”

We are committed to building a close relationship among our member companies who donated the funds and companies we support, pursuing a win-win relationship and further strengthening our support for the growing Tohoku companies that can be a good influence on the regional economy.

On the other hand, Tohoku is rapidly becoming a super-aging, depopulated society. The total population of the seven prefectures of Tohoku region is 11.43 million as of 2013. It is predicted to become 8.65 million in 2040, which means actions to “create new employment by innovation” are necessary if Tohoku is to retain its liveliness. I believe Tokeiren Business Center has a huge role to play in this part.

We are aware that our next five years will be even more crucial than the last five, in order to seize enormous opportunities for the pivotal year of 2020, including the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and bidding for the International Linear Collider.

We are determined to help different sections of Tohoku such as industry, academia, government, and finance to join forces, as well as further developing our network of specialists—our biggest strength—to innovate for the “generation of new Tohoku.” We will greatly appreciate your further help and encouragement for our research and education.

Inquiries(Japanese page)

For industry support organizations

In Tohoku, it is often the case that a high quality product or merchandise does not enjoy the success it deserves in the market because of a lack of sufficient know-how in marketing, sales intellectual property and so on. By combining our collective resources, highly effective support is there to be achieved.

For researchers

If your new products/merchandises are not selling well despite their quality, we are here to help. Our specialists in a variety of fields such as marketing, sales and intellectual property will provide you with the best solutions.

For companies in Tohoku

Commercialization of distinguished technologies is capable of having a huge impact on the evolution of our lifestyles on a global scale. It is a part of our mission to coordinate industry-academia collaboration projects in order to realize the commercialization of your inventions by matching you with companies in Tohoku, while also working to secure national or other supportive funds for your commercialization projects.