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Tokeiren Business Center
Satoshi Abe

At the 9th Ordinary General Meeting (held on May 28 in writing), I was appointed Chairman of the TokeirenBusiness Center. The Tohoku economy is in a very difficult situation, but I am determined to contribute to supporting the growth of companies in the Tohoku region.

Tohoku Economic Federation has been providing support for about 25 years since 1995 when it established the "Tohoku Venture Land Council" to strengthen the competitiveness of companies in the Tohoku region.

Currently, the Tohoku Business Center is working on support activities under the co-creation of Tohoku’s industry, academia, and government funds as an organization that puts into practice one of the key strategies of the new vision "Wakitatsu Tohoku" compiled by the Tohoku Economic Federation in 2017, "Enhancing the Earning Power " at the forefront.

As you are aware, the rapid decline in population and the declining birthrate and the aging population continues to expand in Tohoku, and the economic situation in the region is becoming more and more severe, with the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, Typhoon No. 19 in October 2019, and the spread of the new coronavirus exacerbating the situation.

On the other hand, new trends in the after-corona (decentralization, the return of manufacturing to the domestic market, digitalization, remote work, etc.) are increasing, and expectations are growing for the start of operationsof next-generation Super Lightsource for Industrial Technology (around 2023) and the constructions of ILCs (after 2025), there are more opportunities for growth in Tohoku.

Against this backdrop, the TokeirenBusiness Center believes that its major role is to turn a crisis into an opportunity and create a new engine of growth for Tohoku.

To this end, we will continue to strengthen our network of support experts, our most distinctive feature, and join hands with industry, academia, and government in the Tohoku region in order to "Enhance the Earning Power" of the Tohoku region through our support activities and the sophistication of its industrial structure. We would like to ask for your continued support and encouragement.

Inquiries(Japanese page)

For industry support organizations

In Tohoku, it is often the case that a high quality product or merchandise does not enjoy the success it deserves in the market because of a lack of sufficient know-how in marketing, sales intellectual property and so on. By combining our collective resources, highly effective support is there to be achieved.

For researchers

If your new products/merchandises are not selling well despite their quality, we are here to help. Our specialists in a variety of fields such as marketing, sales and intellectual property will provide you with the best solutions.

For companies in Tohoku

Commercialization of distinguished technologies is capable of having a huge impact on the evolution of our lifestyles on a global scale. It is a part of our mission to coordinate industry-academia collaboration projects in order to realize the commercialization of your inventions by matching you with companies in Tohoku, while also working to secure national or other supportive funds for your commercialization projects.